Nothing’s Carved in Stone – "Out of Control" [Psycho-Pass OP2]

Psycho-Pass (サイコパス) is a 2012 animation TV series by Production I.G. (Ghost In The Shell, The End of Evangelion and Blood-C) that debut on October 11. I only knew about this after it was publicised on Culture Japan (thanks Danny Choo!). I’m not always a mystery/crime/thriller fan (although I do have my fair share of CSI, GITS: SAC and Cold Case), but this show had me hooked from Episode 1. 
A dystopia where Big Brother technology (the Sybil system) determines if you are fit for society or condemned as latent criminals to be rehabilitated (aka. indefinite solitary confinement), the show focuses on two groups of people under law enforcement: inspectors (upkeepers and peacemakers) and enforcers (latent criminals identified by Sybil who fit the job). Dominators replace regular guns and bullets to measure their mental stability against a Crime Coefficiency index, and decide if you are useful or detrimental to people around you. 
Not quite GITS, and also not quite for children. Recommended for 18 years and above. 
Episode 12 just aired last night with a new opening theme song which was far better than the previous one. I will share more thoughts on the show separately when I have more time to do so.

Update (Jan 31): I just realized that the above video link does not exist anymore “due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringements”.

First, I’d like to clarify that the videos I post, unless otherwise stated, are not mine. I also understand that it’s important to protect the integrity of the work published. Whoever these “third party” poopers are, I hope you realize that by restricting the number of viewers who can legitimately enjoy merely an opening sequence of the show, this is no better than limiting the kind of teasers you permit. Regardless of the quality of the content, you need to entice people to watch it. Let us help you raise your viewership rankings, blow your popularity polls through the roof, and spend money on subsequent merchandise and blu-ray special editions. This show has every potential to do that, and you are choking the support that it deserves. There is a reason why people are sharing them. 


So. Anyone who has seen Episode 14 would have discovered the brand new animated opening sequence. Unfortunately some bloke decided that visuals would suffice, so depending on where you are, you can only watch the video and imagine the song sequence in your head. I STAND CORRECTED!!! FANS REJOICE!!! It’s been taken down again. ABORT! ABORT!


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