EXILE ATSUSHI x 久石譲 『懺悔』(Confession)

Short version 4:33

What do you get when you combine EXILE’s most melodic singer with Japan’s most critically acclaimed composer (Joe Hisaishi) together? 
Some of the most beautiful music to come out of Japan yet. 
Yes, I am that biased. And this is only a theme song to a television network’s 60th anniversary special on Kyoto of all places. I am Get ready to count down to October 16 when it is officially released. 
Release Date: October 16, 2013
1, 懺悔 ※日本テレビ開局60年「特別展 京都」テーマソング
2. 赤とんぼ
3, 懺悔(Instrumental)
4, 赤とんぼ(Instrumental)

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