New CD collection + upcomig Amazarashi album release

First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates in a while. Things have gotten hectic since my last post, and I just came back from a 10-day missions trip in Morioka, Miyako and Ofunato. More on that soon as I am still trying to put my thoughts down in the best way possible to show how things have been in these towns since the 2011 tsunami disaster. I also just returned from a breathtaking 90-minute recital performance by WASABI – a Japanese band comprising of a taiko drummer, a shakuhachi flutist,  a tsugaru-shamisen player and a so (the Japanese equivalent of the Chinese guzheng). I am so ready to write about them, but alas, too much to spill in so little time (especially when it’s 11pm).

So to lead up to that, I am happy to share that I recently purchased 3 CDs during the 3 short hours I had in Shibuya last week. Each record carries a sound unique to their respective band; played in sequence without interruption, they provide a pleasant tracklist of songs that takes you to the last music festival you enjoyed.

Release Date: September 11, 2013
1. ∞
2. 大切サウンドぅ
3. 虹
4. essence
5. ストレスキュー隊
6. きみの笑顔 ぼくの笑顔
7. 悩み解決事務所
8. nonfiXion

Galileo Galilei
Release Date: October 6, 2013
2. ロンリーボーイ
3. パイロットガール
4. 処女と黄金の旅
5. Jonathan
6. 潮の扉
7. サークルゲーム
8. フラニーの沼で
9.  愛を
10. 死んだように
11. Oh, Oh!
12. コバルトブルー
13. Birthday
『五月の蝿 / ラストバージン』(Single)
Release Date: October 16, 2013
1. 五月の蝿
2. ラストバージン
3. にっぽんぽん

On another happy note, amazarashi will also be releasing their new album. It’s still in print, but we know the new record is called  『あんたへ』(Anta e; To You). So far the tracklist we know:

1. まえがき
2. あんたへ
3. 匿名希望
4. 冷凍睡眠
5. ドブネズミ
6. 終わりで始まり
7. あとがき

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