KEYTALK  『コースター』 ("Coaster")

Full MV
Wednesday seems to be a GREAT day for new releases. In addition to amazarashi’s new album 『あんたへ』(“To You”) and Miura Daichi’s (三浦大知) “The Entertainer”, KEYTALK is releasing its first major single under Victor Entertainment called “Coaster”, which is a pretty strong tune based on their Youtube video.
According to the Japanese Wikipedia, KEYTALK was previously called “real” when the 4 members got together in 2007, before changing it to what is now 2 years later. Their very first single under Frontier Backyard productions was called “KTEP”, and they had a mini album in July 2010 called “Times Square” (I have no idea where those are now). Between then and now, they’ve not only had several solid releases, but have performed at sold-out concerts of their own. Members of KEYTALK are Jichuu Tomomasa (寺中友将; vocals and guitar), Ono Takemasa (小野武正; guitar), Shudou Yoshimatsu (首藤義勝; bass, vocals) and Yagi Yuuki (八木優樹; drums).
Release Date: November 20, 2013
1. コースター Coaster
2. スポットライト Spotlight
3. Winter March

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