phatmans after school 「ツキヨミ」("Tsukiyomi")

Ending theme to “Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta”

I love anime. I love the stories; I love the characters; and I love the cast and crew who put so much effort into making a show work. But I especially love the music – because the soundtrack and make or break the tone of the series in more extreme ways than one thinks. Never underestimate the power of the soundtrack. 
It’s also one of the best ways to discover new music. Artists take advantage of this platform to release new singles as the opening or ending tracks of a show, which can last for about 12-13 episodes. Well planned, this easily puts any band or singer on the fast track to recognition, even internationally. I would never have heard of cinema staff and Galileo Galilei if not for Shingeki no Kyojin and AnoHana respectively. 
So to my delight, I made another band discovery through 「夜桜四重奏:ハナノウタ」(Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta), which is a refreshed version of the original 2008 series. From what I’ve read, the plot has remained largely the same, although methinks the current run has more slapstick humor (and unwanted undies) than what it had originally. The original cast – including heavyweights Kaji Yuuki, Ono Daisuke, Fujita Saki and Seki Tomokazu – have all returned to the series, which started in October 2013 and is currently in its 9th episode. 
The ending theme featured phatmans after school, a band from Hokkaido that started in February 2010 and represented by TOYS FACTORY. Like GReeeeN, MAN WITH A MISSION and amazarashi (until recently), the band is largely represented by a mascot (in their PAS’ case, an angry-looking black bear mascot) and the members themselves – all in their 20’s – have not used their own pictures for publicity (although I’m quite sure there must be some floating around somewhere). 
Fans also get in on the action at an earlier performance this year. Photo courtesy of 
The song “Tsukiyomi” (ツキヨミ) has a very pleasant, catchy, borderline pop-rock feel. I felt that it added some balance to Yozakura Quartet’s plot, which sometimes bordered on heavier, more serious elements. It was also less preppy than the opening theme which I tend to skip every chance I get. The full single was supposed to be released yesterday, but it might have been leaked because it was available as early as mid-November. 
phatmans after school
Release Date: December 4, 2013
1. ツキヨミ (Tsukiyomi)
2. アオノヒメ (Ao no Hime)
3. 人類への過程  (Jinrui e no Katei) – PandaBoY REMIX – 
1. ツキヨミ (MV)

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