Album track list with preview of unreleased tracks

RADWIMPS’ long-awaited new album – their first in exactly 2 years 9 months – will finally be released in 4 days. That’s right. In less than a week we can finally get our hands on to some fresh material from the band. 
The RADWIMPS staff have uploaded a video on Youtube with a preview of tracks that were not released. I’m personally surprised (and slightly bummed) that 「シュプレヒコール」(“Speaking in Chorus”) was not included in the track list; it’s been my favorite since DADA was released. 
That slip-up aside, based on the short previews in the video, it feels that RADWIMPS actually want us to expect the unexpected with their music – and I am happy to be taken along for the ride, if the album cover is anything to be judged by. 

Release Date: December 11, 2013
1. いえない
2. 実況中継
3. アイアンバイブル
4. リユニオン
6. 五月の蝿
7. 最後の晩餐
8. 夕霧
9. ブレス
10. パーフェクトベイビー
11. ドリーマーズ・ハイ
12. 会心の一撃
13. Tummy
14. ラストバージン
15. 針と棘


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