2nd trailer for "Noragami"; TV debut on Jan 2014

I was going to write a preview of the new anime series that will air in the second half of winter (or Q1 2014). Lots of amazing shows coming out (Hozuki no Reitetsu; Space Dandy), but Noragami takes the cake.

Must have been by chance when I first got to know about it on manga around early October. The story’s theme, character development, and humor were hard to resist and easy to follow. I later learned about the anime’s release and seiyuus working on the project (Kamiya Hiroshi; Kaji Yuuki). Then I had the awesome privilege of watching the pilot episode at the Anime Festival Asia. And now this trailer affirms why I think this anime will take the cake as the leading anime to watch next quarter.

Then I saw this:

ONO DAISUKE and FUKUYAMA JUN are on the list!!! Albeit as secondary characters. 
I’m personally excited to see that this anime has managed to attract such a stellar cast. Even Uchida Maaya (voicing the female protagonist Iki Hiyori) did an amazing job when I saw the episode. 
Expectations are now soaring. 


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