Gundam Build Fighters OP2: BACK-ON / 「wimp ft. Lil’ Fang(from FAKY)」

I have to admit, the first and last time I saw anything related to the Gundam franchise was Gundam Wing. From whatever I still remember, the show had nothing but 5 young teenagers wielding big-ass robots fighting against the tyrants of the world. The main protagonist was an army-green tank-top wearing emo; an “American” with a braid longer than Elsa’s; a lanky fellow with a very strange, arrow-shaped fringe; a blond; and a Chinese. In the middle of this mess is a “damsel-in-distress” who obviously has a crush on the protagonist, but fights for world peace, effortlessly rising through the ranks to be a princess/queen/fairy. It was worse when you realize she wasn’t even that pretty. 
Suffice to say, that show has scarred me for life and I’ve never touched another Gundam series since. But I’ve heard that the storylines have improved significantly, particularly with Gundam SEED and Gundam 00. And while I still refuse to touch this universe, the music behind the latest series seem very promising.

But then again, I said the same thing for Two-Mix’s “Just Communication” (or was it comMINUcation?!) on Gundam Wing. Ah, the nostalgia of the mid-90’s… look how far we’ve come!

I barely know anything about the band behind BACK-ON, other than being the second opening theme song from Episode 14 of Gundam Build Fighters. But they must be doing well since this single is due for release on March 12, with five tracks – 3 of them instrumentals. Hopefully, I can get to know this band and the team behind it a little more.

The face that hasn’t changed in over 30 years. 

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