BUMP OF CHICKEN「ray」; album release March 12

After 15 years in business, Bump of Chicken is one of the most resilient J-Rock bands I know. It’s amazing how consistent and stable these guys have been after so long when most bands would have come and gone by now. 
Since the release of their Best Hits compilation albums, we finally get to hear more fresh material, on top of past hits like “Zero”, “firefly”, “Tomodachi no Uta” (A Song for Friends), and “Niji wo Motsu Hito” (One Who Holds Rainbows). Their latest album “Ray” will be released next Tuesday, March 12 in both the CD+DVD and CD-only formats, with limited-edition stickers.
Release Date: March 12, 2014
2. 虹を待つ人
3. ray
4. サザンクロス
5. ラストワン
6. morning glow
7. ゼロ
8. トーチ
9. Smile
10. firefly
11. white note
12. 友達の唄
13. (please)forgive
14. グッドラック
<DVD limited edition>
【Music Video】
1. 虹を待つ人
2. ゼロ
3. Smile
4. firefly
5. 友達の唄
6. グッドラック
【2013.8.9 Live at QVC Marine Field】
1. Stage of the ground
2. firefly
3. 虹を待つ人
4. プラネタリウム
5. 花の名
6. ダイヤモンド
7. メーデー
8. K
9. 天体観測

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