I have to admit, this MV came up in my “Recommended for you” list on Youtube, and the first thing I saw was a subscription to “UKPROJECTofficial”. At first I thought it was one of those BBC-produced talent segments where star-wannabes line themselves up for scrutiny for a panel of famous judges. 
And then I saw the running lyrics. And then I heard his voice. And I was blown. 
Yes people. ONE OK ROCK isn’t the only awesome somewhat-bilingual Japanese band anymore. And this one has one loaded Bazooka of awesomeness. 
So after some quick digging, I found out that UK.PROJECT is an indie label under RX-Records. Despite the awkward and semingly redundant square brackets between the band’s name, they are undeniably stylish. Even their official website stays up to date with the latest parallax design, with plenty of social media updates, images, and quick updates to boot. 
Don’t be fooled by their youthful air though. These guys have known each other since their college years in 2001 before finally making their debut in 2010. Their eighth single, Run Away/Oblivion, is the most commercially successful, peaking at No.9 on the Oricon Chart. 
Is this really a band or a fashion shoot for GQ magazine?!
『Run Away/Oblivion』
Release Date: December 25, 2013
1. Run Away
2. Oblivion (feat. LITHIUM HOMME)
3, Rise
4, Paint Your Socks Into Pink

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