Sailor Moon 2014 reboot – my past has returned to haunt me.

“In the name of the moon, I shall relaunch myself to reconnect with a generation 20 years younger!”

According to Crunchyroll, images of this year’s anticipated release of the new Sailor Moon anime series have been leaked ahead of its official countdown launch.

My first thought: “Sailor Moon’s back? For real?!”

Clearly, I have mixed feelings. That is not to say that I despise this show; I have Sailor Moon to thank/blame for introducing me to the anime genre, and my amazement that 14-year-old girls could have Rapunzel-like hair, freakishly long legs, multi-coloured eyes, and possess powers representing the 12 planetary zodiacs. If only I hadn’t been that captivated by the magic; the concept of Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask (seriously? What kind of alter ego name is that??) loving and staying faithful to Sailor Moon while being the only male in a sorority/harem of teenage girls is a mystery to this day. Times must have been much, much simpler back then.

On the other hand, it’ll also be interesting how relevant Sailor Moon will be for our present-day audience. Its first fanbase are now either mothers of mid-teens themselves, or awkward, middle-aged otakus. What kind of crystal will she carry round? In addition to its potential to carry the mysteries of the universe, surely it must have some WiFi capabilities for our heroines to have unparalleled wireless connectivity, otherworldly or not.

The series is expected to debut in Japan in July 2014. Meanwhile, it’ll be interesting to see the pre-launch artwork and watch the anticipation build.


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