BUMP OF CHICKEN 『パレード』 ("Parade") – and getting legit music.

iTunes has been a pain in the ass with new music from Japan.

BUMP OF CHICKEN announced during the month that “Parade” would be released digitally on November 29. So I stayed up till midnight to download the track.

Well guess what. No track on iTunes. Only the Japanese store had it. Pish.

I did not stay up till midnight to be rejected. So I ran a search, and came across a website called “Recochoku” (レコチョク), which is a subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc. While the entire website is entirely in Japanese, they accepted my credit card. However the songs are twice what you’d pay on iTunes – a hefty ¥250 per track.

If someone can explain on the digital music industry works in Japan, please send some information this way, and what justifies paying twice as much.

That being said, enjoy this new track from BOC, which is the ending theme song for the live action film “Kiseijuu” (寄生獣) – although I am thoroughly enjoying the anime version much more.


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