Five days to Anime Festival Asia 2014

I’m not quite sure if this was worth the price I paid for. Hardly weighty (didn’t weigh a thing, in fact), smelled like thinner and fresh paint, and the trigger doesn’t even move. 
I have half the mind to sell this as soon as this is over. And yet, it’s the only thing from Psycho-Pass that I can remember it by. 
And until I can afford US$180 for the real deal, a semi-cheap replica will have to do. 
I plan to go as Tsunemori Akane, provided I lose enough weight in time and cut and colour my hair the way it’s supposed to look. 
We’ll see how it turns out on Saturday. Anime Festival Asia officially begins Friday, but seeing that I won’t leave in time from work (and paying $23 for the last 1-2 hours of the night isn’t worth it), I’ll turn up as early as my body will allow me (otherwise I’ll push it!), and enjoy myself pretending to be years younger than I really am. 


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