Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10: stay calm amidst chaos

I hate that this show makes antagonists like him and his predecessor so hot.

Episode reviews aren’t my thing, mainly because there’s no point talking about every nitty gritty thing that was right or wrong. However they are, they add to the plot like organs to a body. It’s also all not there to be criticized, unless it is truly noteworthy or absolutely pointless.

So why am I writing about this episode of Psycho Pass?

For starters, Inspector Akane Tsunemori was just shown last week an ear cut off from her grandmother Aoi, as part of a deliberate attempt by Enforcer Sakuya Togane and the Sibyl System to colour her hue black and raise her crime coefficient. This week, she is told here that her grandmother is not only brutally murdered, but she was forced to join another team to prepare explosives to destroy a train holding five hundred hostages who had their psycho passes involuntarily raised beyond unacceptable levels by Kirito Kamui’s band.

And yet despite the turmoil and temptation to kill Kamui herself, she gathers her nerves, and with a little mental advice from Shinya Kogami, she calls bluff on both Togane and Sibyl, and possibly newfound repect from our star antagonist.

Episode 10 stood out because Akane won. She beat the system fair without shedding any blood on her part. She was somehow able to put her remorse for her grandmother’s demise and seeming hopelessness aside, and focus on the root of the problem, which was to expose the culprits manipulating her. I wouln’t be surprised if she realizes that Inspector Mika Shimotsuki was being coerced against her will at the risk of clouding her own hue.

Who could possibly do this in real life? How is Akane acknowledging her feelings and anguish against the perpetrators?

The late Enforcer Tomomi Masaoka once observed in the first season that Akane accepts things as they are, and somehow manages to move on, unlike her former Inspector Nobuchika Ginoza. I believe this as well, but there is no way she could have simply shelved her emotions aside. She has shown to be human just like everyone else. And yet, she is level-headed, objective, and calm despite the chaos she gets thrown into.

Perhaps she reflects an ideal person who should respond as such if they are faced with such circumstances. Granted, the world of Psycho Pass is a dystopic one. But in truth, we’re not too far off from this reality. We have security cameras on our streets. Our own public safety bureaus are watching us. What we don’t have is a number that measures the kind of threat we pose to society.

But I digress. The truth is, it’s probably easier to be emotionally detached. But it’s not the same as taking it personally. In Akane’s case, people want to get personal with her, but she would have none of it. Instead, she acknowledges their attempts, but also uses them to her advantage to foil their sinister plots and reveal their true intentions. This is probably what puts Akane literally head above the rest of the people in the MWPSB.

I love Akane. She’s not your typical beauty, but her wit and strength as a human makes her even better than Ghost in the Shell’s Makoto Kusanagi. Yes, Makoto and her team in Section 9 are cool. But she’s stilll a robot. I used to think she was too attached to Kogami when the show first began. With him gone, she has truly begun to shine on her own.

It’s weird how even in a world like Psycho Pass, the speed limit is still pretty low.

2 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10: stay calm amidst chaos

  1. Actually, I hate how ‘perfect’ and almost robotic they made her. Okay, she’s strong, but this strength is worthless plot-wise if it basically suppresses actual human personality.

    Every time I hear that Akane supposedly developed in S2, I cringe. She didn’t develop, she’s just kicking ass left and right regardless of the circumstances and it’s /not/ a good thing.


    1. That’s a great point there. Her inhuman behavior is uncomfortable to watch, but unless there’s a way to disassociate emotions from your hue, I can’t imagine how it’s possible for someone to express their feelings without any adverse effects. Could be a compromise of sorts?


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