Japanese office uber-pranked with full-sized Gundam enemy mobile suit

Seems that the art of pulling pranks just keep getting more elaborate and sophisticated. And you can be sure that the Japanese aren’t going to be left out from the race.

What seemed to be just a typical day of regular maintenance work turned out to be a very well-planned, well-concealed gag at epic levels. Imagine ZAKU II attacking Tokyo city – and he appeared right outside your window.

Concept development: ¥¥¥

Setup cost: ¥¥¥

The look on those salaryman – and the manager himself: priceless.

Not much is known about the GUNDAM FEVER PROJECT, but since its upload two days ago, this video’s been viewed over 195,000 times.

This must’ve been a very welcome break in routine for these hardworking folks in the office though. Even I’d stay back for the experience.


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