“The Boy and the Beast” – new 2015 theatrical release by Mamoru Hosoda


So it’s quite true that director Mamoru Hosoda releases a new movie every three years, starting with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (「時をかける少女」, 2006) to the epic Summer Wars ( 「サマーウォーズ」, 2009), and the unexpectedly moving Wolf Children (「おおかみこども雪と雨」 , 2012).

Not much is known beyond the first teaser of The Boy and the Beast (「バケモノの子」, Bakemono no Ko) released in December 2014 (can’t believe I’m over a month late with this news!). But according to the official website, the stage is set in parallel entertainment districts Shibuya and fictional Jutenkai, and what happens when those two vastly different worlds collide.

The movie is set for release this Summer.


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