Amazarashi 「季節は次々死んでいく」MV (The Seasons Keep Dying One After Another)

First of, my sincerest apologies for the radio silence last week. I promise this week you will be receiving a barrage of new posts coming at you fast and furious!

So! Amazarashi’s latest MV…. Who says good things don’t come for those who wait? Thankfully this official video has been made available outside of Japan to enjoy to the fullest while we wait expectantly for their February 18 release!

Now I made the mistake of watching this while having my dinner – pan-fried salmon with watercress on a bed of rice. This being the ending theme of Tokyo Ghoul, why not throw in a Rize-lookalike eating what we know to be regular (and hopefully cooked) meat colored in an edible red dye, with a side of some serious looking tomato juice.

But I suppose when one watches Tokyo Ghoul, you can’t exactly dissociate yourself with the real life interpretation of the story in this MV. I am still impressed with its art direction, if I hadn’t semi-gagged in shock while watching it at the same time.


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