Everything you remember about the Power Rangers is wrong.

At least, that’s what director Joseph Kahn wants you to believe.

According to Fast Company, Joseph Kahn had posted his darker, NSFW version of Power/Rangers on Vimeo, which purportedly yanked out his original cut. While he posted a few tweets voicing his frustration about the censorship, several fans who still had the video uploaded it to Youtube.

What you see here is an embedded copy, not from the director himself. So if anything happens to it, I apologize in advance. UPDATE 1 Mar: The original video from Joseph Kahn is now back up on Vimeo as of today – with a disclaimer right up the front. Anyone who’s grown up watching this live action children’s series in the 90’s will either rejoice for its new mature plot, or recoil in horror as it destroys every ideal fantasy and happy memory.

I repeat: Not Safe For Work.


2 thoughts on “Everything you remember about the Power Rangers is wrong.

  1. I liked this video. Not because I loved Power Rangers or hated it; I never even watched it. But I like the way it plays with and subverts what we thought we knew about the show. I’m not saying I’d want it as one of the new, gritty reboots we seem to be becoming infested with, mind you. But it’s an interesting place to visit… as long as we can leave once it’s over.


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