Miso can tug at your heartstrings in 90 seconds.

A fresh graduate finds a job in the city and lives by himself for the first time. Adjusting to his new season takes a while, being sustained by shadows of his mother who encourages him during mealtimes.

A father has problems communicating with his high school daughter, and conversations are almost nonexistent. That is, until the daughter finds out that the onigiri and miso soup laid out for her weren’t from her mother.

Two sisters learn how to cook from their mother before visiting their father who’s working away from home and living alone. The food isn’t perfect, but still delicious and full of warmth.

Those are the kinds of stories that could make anyone go “Awwwww” in no time. Who would’ve thought that the mastermind behind these stories is a miso paste producer.

Marukome’s (マルコメ) miso paste products account for almost 13% of the entire country’s consumption, so it’s a household name. The three stories I just described are fully animated 90-second ads, and are available on YouTube.

The ads are only available in Japanese (no subtitles), but they’re easy to follow without paying attention to the dialogue. You’ll also notice a few landscapes that are reminiscent of Nagano – where Marukome’s headquarters is based in.

It’s beautiful storytelling with clever product placements that you can’t ignore for long.

Story 1:

Story 2:

Story 3:


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