TRIPLANE 「nonno」

I hesitated whether to talk about this album, hence I’ve delayed this for the longest time.

It’s not that it’s a bad record. Based on the track videos in the Youtube link above, it has a lot of decent easy listening rock tunes.

TRIPLANE formed in Sapporo in 2002, and it’s no coincidence that they’re named after the fixed-wing aircraft with three vertically stacked wings. Since then, the four-member team has released five other albums, and have sung for shows like One Piece. 

nonno hasn’t left a strong impression. It’s not an album that I would go out of the way to listen, save for some tracks like Hane (「羽根」 Wing), Gerunika (「ゲルニカ」) and Hutch. 

At least TRIPLANE makes it clear that it’s not going to follow the likes of some of the more popular bands like ONE OK ROCK, RADWIMPS and even Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Vocalist Hyoue Ebata (江畑兵衛) has a tone and range that is comfortable on the ears, unforced, and unconfrontational. He does not scream for attention, but neither does it stand out on its own.

Perhaps I don’t know what keeps this band together for the past 13 years. They must have done something right that I may have missed. Because while nonno has been a decent album, I best comment I could give in one word would be a “Hm”.  


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