Google Impact Challenge – Japan edition


There are two things in this world that get my attention – storytelling and visual art. A strong visual design contains a message that it communications with seemingly little effort (which is not always true – it’s a tough craft to master), yet its audience is able to understand it in a matter of minutes without any second-guessing.

Google isn’t a stranger to anyone, but it’s always refreshing to see what a Japanese interpretation of a global concept would look like, and the results are surprisingly friendly for a globalizing world.

Enough with the forced corporate-speak. The point I’m trying to make here is how Google Japan is making a statement of its own. I’ve seen ads by Google Australia, Google India, even Google UK – and somehow, there’s a special edge when Google Japan releases a video of new ideas and initiatives, particularly with socially friendly causes. Last week I found a video promoting women at work – something that Prime Minister Abe has been pushing for a while, and what Japan needs to get out of its economic slump (granted not the only solution, but still a very underutilized resource). It’s obvious that Google is trying to be ahead of the corporate game by sending a message that it is well aware of the country’s efforts to advance quickly in this area, while already doing it on their own.

Just a couple of hours ago, Google Japan released its edition of Google Impact Challenge, which calls for votes to nominate which of the shortlisted 10 NGOs it should support. It’s a very simple concept, but the storytelling element in this video is so visually strong and inspiring. Not to mention that the background music is addictive (and if anyone can find out who it is and what it’s called, please share!).

The web is a never-ending feast for the eyes. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting things that corporates, non-profits, and individuals put out there. Creativity is limitless, and it’s made all the more meaningful for good causes.


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