Retrieving lost things


I could come up with a slew of excuses for the time I’ve been away from this website.

1. Returning from 9 glorious days driving through Nagano, Gifu and Nagoya left me literally in a state of prolonged procrastination. As if laziness wasn’t enough already.

2. The overwhelming amount of information and stories I want to share – Amazarashi’s new acoustic album due on May 13, cinema staff’s new album that was released on April 22, and the new anime releases in the form of Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works and Knights of Sidonia – Battle for Planet 9 among other things.

3. 2 GB worth of pictures from my travels. That picture above was taken at the Stone Church in Karuizawa. And there’s plenty I have to share about driving to off-beaten tracks that only tour buses will take you to. I guess you could say information overload in a sense as well.

4. I forgot my username and password. I literally stared at the login page wondering if I had mis-remembered something that important. Thankfully they’re all fully recovered and we can sort of resume to our sort-of regularly scheduled programme.

At this point “I’m sorry” doesn’t really cut it, and this isn’t the only thing that I’ve let the ball drop either. There’s plenty for me to make up for that I owe other people. So yes. I have many, many things to catch up on.

I shall do this slowly. For now, thank you for your patience!


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