Young Juvenile Youth – Animation EP


Finding Japanese artists in the electronica genre is like finding a pearl in an oyster that got mixed up with other pearl-less oysters.

So when I come across such a rare find, the satisfaction cannot be expressed by words alone. It feels like I’ve got my hands on a real gem.

Young Juvenile Youth is a fresh face and a breath of fresh air, and has the sort of elusiveness that drives me nuts. Beyond the first two EPs it release on vinyl in 2014, nothing is known about this group. YJY is fronted by Yuki, who is clearly bilingual in Japanese and English, and writes all the songs as well as designed her first EP covers. Then there is Jemapur who composes and produces the tracks.

Animation was released on April 27. I took my time to make sense of it before writing this review. The English had caught me by surprise at first,  because it was so fluently sung and it dominated about half the tracks. So I wondered if YJY was based outside Japan instead.

The next thing I noticed was the composition. I don’t have a wide knowledge of the electronic lounge scene, but the closest I could think of was a cross between Bjork and Clammbon, with more of the former coming through. There are also hints of Kanno Yoko in the arrangements that are reminiscient of her works for Ghost in the Shell SAC and Terror in Resonance. Together, Yuki’s vocals and Jemapur’s arrangements made for a seamless stream of tracks that flowed as if they were 6 parts of one long 30-minute musical journey. The magic is that it all eases you into a state of relaxation and lulll while overflowing with eclecticism and mystery.

For such a young team, YJY is an adventure that dares to explore new frontiers in the modern Japanese music scene. They represent a generation of music lovers who aren’t afraid to experiment beyond the typical. I won’t be surprised if they are attributed as the frontrunners of a good kind of change. You can preview their music on their SoundCloud page.


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