New release line-up: Moumoon, amazarashi, & the Pelican Fanclub (seriously?)

There’s a pretty awesome lineup of new releases in the music scene over the next month, and that I’m personally excited for.


Enjoy this video while you can. We know it ain’t gonna last for long.

Amazarashi’s second hit in the anime scene this year, this time as an opening theme for Ranpo Kitan Game of Laplace (「乱歩奇譚 Game of Laplace」), which premiered on July 2. As a fan of both Ranpo Edogawa (my favourite Japanese Arthur Conan Doyle) and amazarashi, Supeedo to Masatsu (「スピードと摩擦」Speed & Friction) hit all the right notes for me.

The new single drops August 19.

amazarashi スピードと摩擦

1. スピードと摩擦 Speed & Friction
2. 風邪 Flu
3. 名前 Name
4. スピードと摩擦 (acoustic Version)
5. スピードと摩擦 (instrumental)
6. 風邪 (instrumental)
7. 名前 (instrumental)


Moumoon has been mostly misses than hits for me, but this new album has been surprisingly agreeable. There seems to be a good balance of light and strong, cheerful and bold, and from IROIRO and cocoon, altogether potentially addictive.

IT’S OUR TIME is available on August 12.

moumoon it's our time

1. It’s Our Time
2. Never look back
4. I’m Scarlet
5. Eclipse
6. Fight Back
7. cocoon
10. BF
11. Hello, shooting-star


No one’s at fault if anyone thought this was a joke. Admit it, the first thing you thought when you saw the band’s name is literally a picture of a pelican. With fans. In a club. Getting worshipped.

Well let’s hear the music – they reminded me of Galileo Galilei, but less laid back.

Even if you didn’t watch this video, if you just closed your eyes, you’d feel your feet tapping away. It was surprisingly alluring, and worth a shot to take with the band, pelican or no. This self-titled 2nd mini-album launches August 5.

pelican fanclub

1. Chilico
2. プラモデル
3. Dali
4. Variety Mania Talent System
5. Police City
11. ファ
12. Karesuzoku


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