amazarashi 「スピードと摩擦」Speed & Friction MV

I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of the music video, but that maniac girl used to be me back in junior high (they were stressful times). I might have had more fun if I had a toilet cubicle as cool as this one.

Hiromu Akita explained the concept behind the video on the official Youtube channel:

A physical installation music video that showcases a contemporary dance within a toilet stall, where lights in the shape of lyrics come in through the walls with 4000 letters cut out of it.



The friction between the brevity of human life and the anxiety caused by it.
Humans understand life when faced with death.
The understanding of life also means to imagine the end of your own life.
That is when you understand the speed of life and become anxious.
The unbelievable speed of life, and our own anxiety towards it.
This friction that sets off sparks is what makes us finally live.

Hiromu Akita


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