Kenshi Yonezu 「フローライト」”Fluorite” MV + new album

(Update Oct 11: The YouTube link has been fixed.)

My only explanation for a title like “Fluorite” would be a marathon overdose of The Big Bang Theory. 

Of course, I’m pretty sure Kenshi Yonezu wasn’t thinking that at all. With a chirpy, happy singalong tune similar to Flowerwall, I’m in no position to criticize the choice of title.

According to his official YouTube chanel, Yonezu’s latest album Bremen is due for release on October 7.

Kenshi Yonezu - Bremen

1. Unbelievers
2. Fluorite
3. Rerun
4. Flowerwall
5. I’m A Ghost
6. Will-O-Wisp
7. Undercover
8. Neon Sign
9. Metronome
10. Night Bugs on a Rainy Street
11. Cinderella Gray
12. Mirage Song
13. Hopeland
14. Blue Jasmine

On another note, yours truly will be spending the next 10 days mostly in Iwate-ken. It’s unlikely I’ll be encountering any floods that occurred (thanks Typhoon Etau. No, really), and I’m certainly out of the way of the latest earthquake that just happened along the south coast. But I’m praying that nothing seriously terrible will happen to anyone.


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