“Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider” OP animation sequence – plagiarism much?

As usual, the Youtube link may be taken down. So enjoy it while it’s there.

And while you’re at it, compare it to this:

It’s not easy to forget an animated dance sequence like the one Ryan Woodword did four years ago. So it didn’t take long to find some similarities…

Granted it’s not exactly the same, but one can’t help but feel that the animation crew for Subete ga F ni naru did actually try to rip it off from the original – a disservice on its own.

Do you think this is a rip-off?


2 thoughts on ““Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider” OP animation sequence – plagiarism much?

  1. I honestly think it’s just coincidence – while the basic idea might be similar, the actual style strikes me as being quite different. Besides, it’s difficult to imagine the creators behind Perfect Insider even being aware of who Ryan Woodword is, let alone purposefully watching and then ripping off this video. I could be wrong of course, but that’s just the impression I get.

    All that aside, I really dig the OP! If the OP to Lupin wasn’t already hands down my favourite of the new anime season, then the one to Perfect Insider would probably be my top pick.

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    1. The concept’s definitely there, and yes there are differences. Although I did see some similar dance sequences here and there. But I’ll keep mum about that!
      The story itself though! I’m quite keen to read the novel now.


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