30-day anime challenge


Contrary to what my meme says, I’m steep deep into my busiest quarter of the year – and November is my busiest month at work, and will continue to be so until Christmas.

So it’s not that I’ve been lazy. I’ve had several drafts prepared, only to be saved and later the idea expired and I had to rethink my topics. It doesn’t help that this fall’s anime line-up is by far one of the best in a long while. I would either binge-watch all my shows in one weekend, or watch countless YouTube videos of Vet Ranch, or revisit old downloads and one-man comedy shows by Aziz Ansari.

Okay, so maybe I’ve been procrastinating a bit.

So this is where this 30-day anime challenge comes in. This was inspired by a 100-day creative challenge that I saw floating around on Instagram, so I thought why not do the same for anime? Especially since this blog has been neglected for over a month.

Of course when I saw a 30-day version of the challenge, I thought it’d be better to go with that instead.

So for the next 30 days (not including this one), these will be my topics:


I can’t promise that there won’t be essay-length posts, but I will promise some short ones, including videos and GIFs. I’ve been trying my hand on making GIFs that won’t look awkward. So I’ll use them when they come.


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