30-day anime challenge #3: Favorite male anime character ever


So I just realized that the various topics for this 30-day anime challenge is no different from the first 30-days-to-one anime challenge I did at the beginning of the year. My bad.

But at least keeping this discipline of blogging daily will show me how much my tastes have changed! If they’ve changed at all…

It’s not hard to find a male character in anime that you wouldn’t have an initial crush on. And more often than not, they have several predictable traits: has a way with the ladies. Or he may not. Will fight for the girl he likes. Will be unusually patient with girl. Acts cool. Has a sense of righteousness. Or not. Could be very nonchalant and distant. But girl will always feel a connection with him. Has an air of mystery about him. Somehow always comes out at one of the winners.

So I have a range of characters which I hope will present the diversity of personalities that make these guys more believable to me than most.

anime guys

1. Levi Ackerman, Attack on Titan

There is not a single anime follower out there who doesn’t know who this guy is. He has somehow managed to completely overwhelm the protagonist to become the series’ most popular character. Who can resist humanity’s strongest soldier? What sordid, sad back story did he have to get to where he is today? How could someone so damn cool be so damn short? All this awesomeness with his air of mystery – which is slowly leaking out as the story progresses – is a fangirl’s kryptonite.

2. Izumo Kusanagi, K

The red clan’s second-in-command pulls his own punch. He is perceptive and caring about his clansmen and allies as much as he is a flirt. Never fails to hit on Seri Awashima every chance he gets, but is always appropriate about it. I like that he is sensible and balanced, and not unecessarily as worked up as his former king or zealous comrades. He’s what my boss will call an “objective thinker”.

3. Ame, Wolf Children (Ookami kodomo Yuki to Ame)

Didn’t see a kid coming in this list, did-cha? Young he may be, but his journey to become the young wolfman he became earned my respect. He reminds me that even a young child who seems weaker and lost at a young age will grow and eventually find his true calling in life – and with unwavering conviction.

4. Shusei Kagari, Psycho-Pass

Kagari’s humour and brighter, more lighthearted approach to serious cases on the show was a much welcomed balance to the vengeful and dark themes surrounding the primary protagonists in this series. He may have been quarantined at the age of five, but he’s learned to make full use of whatever life he’s got. He cooks. He plays games. He’s got a funky sense of fashion. He takes his fate into his own hands – or at least as much as he can. So I was really hoping that he would have a better ending than he did. He was the first character I loved who did not end well, and I hated it. I still do. But without him, the true nature of the Sybil System would not have been blown open to our heroine. May he get the honour he deserves.

5. Koshi Sugawara, Haikyuu!!

Sugawara is an example of a character who is not exactly outstanding as a player, but has earned enough respect for his teammates to trust him completely – even those who far surpass him in skill. He works to improve himself and is a cool-headed mentor to his juniors, while being the voice of reason to others. He is fully aware of his strengths and weakenesses – both of himself and of others. He acknowledges his lack of skills compared to stronger players, but isn’t afraid to concede and stand in the sidelines for the greater good. And that motivates him to want to improve all the more so that he can continue to stay in court. I wish so much for him to have his day.


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