30-day anime challenge #7: Your anime crush


I’m not gonna lie about the fictional characters I’ve had crushes on for as long as I can remember.

But as with all fictional characters, they have retired with the alternative worlds that I set them in, with infinity happier endings than the fates their creators subjected them to. Or at the very least, give them a kind of closure I think they’d be happy with as well.

These men – characters with back stories that shape their personalities – are all based on what their creators want them to be, and how they appeal to different audiences.

Adventure. Free will. Out-of-the-box. Critical thinking. Defensive. Secrets. Flawless, yet undeniably flawed in so many other ways.

I’ve come out of this phase fully comprehending that while these characters have fed my brains with all sorts of possibilities and fantasies, they’re still not real.

This inadvertently made me think about what otakus are appealed to the most. And I have concluded that the emotional bonds they’ve tethered to the characters are what feeds them, because they’re not getting enough of from people in their own lives.

I felt it was important that I shared my thoughts about this, because no matter how irresistable it gets, an obsession with a 2D character isn’t healthy in the long run. The emotional bonds we relate to in a Pixar or Ghibli movie is not the same as an otaku with a ficitonal person.

We have to look at our fictional lovers in the eye, thank them for being part of our journey in life, and with brave faces, move on to new adventures.

“No matter how much you show a 2D character how much you care for them, they won’t return those feelings. But when she rejected me, I was firmly reminded that it wasn’t 2D, but 3D.” – Hajime Tsunashi, I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying


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