30-day anime challenge #8: Favorite anime couple

Taking the liberty to share some fictional relationships that stood out to me the most.

yato x hiyori

Hiyori may not be a favorite among Noragami followers, but without her, the series may not have progressed to where it is now, seeing that she’s a catalyst practically all the arcs. And I’ve personally enjoyed watching her relationship with Yato progress.

Though honestly, this would be my favourite scene in the entire series:

noragami Episode_09

Technically not a couple, but this chemistry is filled with forgiveness and sincerity.

Here’s another couple which I think could have been interesting, if they were to be a couple at all:

akane x kamui

Tsunemori Akane would be typically paired with Kougami Shinya, or Ginoza Nobuchika, or even Makishima Shougo. But the tension between these two have been tense and nothing short of a cat-and-mouse game right up till the end. I thought the mouse won this round though.

wolf children

Technically…. Hana and Wolfman from Wolf Children (Ookami Kodomo Yuki to Ame) didn’t last very long. The Wolfman doesn’t even have a name (he’s literally called Ookami Otoko in the end credits), and their union was cut short with his accidental death after the two children were borne. But his presence is constantly felt throughout the movie, and his human wife never fails to bring him up as the children grew older. Hence in spite of his absence, this couple’s relationship is strong and resilient.


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