30-day anime challenge #9: Best anime villian

Aw crap. I’m real sorry for the MIA in a month, guys. Nov-Dec is the worst time to blog because it’s my peak period at work, and things are gonna get more intense for the next two weeks.

But hey, at least a couple of exciting things happened:

  • I got my first iPhone ever, after four years of Android.


It’s forever pink to me.

  • I just discovered Gen Hoshino. He’s like a bright ray of happy sunshine in the midst of all the JRock tunes.


I can’t explain the banana though.

  • I’ve finally got my hands on the new Ajin movie. My god my god my god… it is GOOD.


Ok, so back to best anime villain. I’ve made it known that Noragami’s Nora/Hiiro/Mizuchi is the worst.


*cue resting bitch face*

But alas, there is someone else in the series who is just as shitty, if not, the root of all shittiness.

And it’s this guy:

Noragami 9 fujisaki


Spoiler Alert: this is Kouto Fujisaki, and he’s the father of both Yato and Nora. He “birthed” them both for the purpose of war and calamity.

And that’s not even his real face. It’s just borrowed.

This sneak has the power to make ayakashi obey his orders. He has the ability to make shinkis remember their past and turn them into ayakashi. He’s a devil in disguise and creates havoc and wrecks lives wherever he goes.

Noragami Aragoto 13 ending

Yup. He’s an asshole. And the worst.


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