[Kumamoto earthquake] ‘by my side’ by yojiro x taka


A lot of things happened in the half year I was away… lost a colleague with no replacement, added workload, and a cancer scare in my family. I didn’t have it in me to blog here given the state I was (and still am) in. But I’ve started writing again, slowly, every day, with pen to paper.

I was on my way to Kyushu – literally on a red-eye flight – when the 2nd larger earthquake took place in Kumamoto. I only learned of the impact and the devastation caused when the immigration officer at Fukuoka International Airport told me to change my plans because the expressways might be closed. So what was supposed to be a week of driving around the island became a sudden road trip to Hiroshima and back to Nagasaki and Fukuoka.

I was devastated, but clearly I shouldn’t be. I’ve never seen so many grown men cry on national television – fathers losing sons, sons losing fathers, and even those with families intact are suddenly unsure of what to expect in their future. While driving, my small travel group passed many self defense trucks carrying “emergency supplies” from Gifu, Osaka, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Sendai… we knew exactly where they were headed.

By now options to donate to the disaster relief efforts have sprung up, but I would like to share one that Yojiro Noda (RADWIMPS) and Takayama (ONE OK ROCK) are doing.

According to RADWIMPS’ latest Facebook post, Yojiro and Taka collaborated to record a song which is available for purchase on a special Fannect website they created called Itoshiki at any price (minimally 10 yen). All proceeds will be donated towards the relief efforts in Kumamoto. The page is primarily in Japanese, but Yojiro’s message is also available in English, Korean, and Mandarin.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 20.40.10.png



企画を思い立った時、浮かんだのが昨年のツアーで共演し、Takaと歌った『バイ・マイ・サイ』という楽曲でした。その楽曲を新たに日本にいる僕と、ロスにいるTakaとで歌い直し、レコーディングをしました。事情を話したら二つ返事でOKと言ってくれた彼に、そして理解してくれたONE OK ROCKのメンバーに心から感謝します。
迅速に音源の配信を開始させる為に「Fannect (ファネクト)※要会員登録 (無料)」を配信方法として選択させて頂きました。
アーティスト:野田洋次郎(RADWIMPS) / Taka(ONE OK ROCK)
■ 楽曲ダウンロード価格設定
クレジットカード支払い(VISA、Master Card、Diners Club International、AMERICAN EXPRESS、JCB)
auかんたん決済 / au WALLET


Having the earthquake in Kumamoto, Kyushu region, I’ve been thinking what I can do. Still earth is shaking day-and-night and people could barely feel safe. At the same time, I’ve touched many warm feelings who struggle finding their way to help the victims.
And we decide to hold a donation campaign with our track.
With the wishes to light peace in victim’s heart, we sang this song. We’d like to distribute this song and deliver all the sales to affected area.
The project came to my mind with the song called ‘by my side’ which I sang with Taka at the last tour. Taka and I retook this track for this project. I’d like to thank Taka and the members of ONE OK ROCK.
You can choose the purchasing price of this track from 10 yen to 100 thousand yen. We will donate all the profits to the victims of this disaster. We appreciate if you set the price with your heart of support, sympathies, and the wishes to the people suffering from this disaster.
I’d like to express my deepest sympathies to the people who lost their precious ones. Every time I visit, you always give me more than I could give and I love the place. From the bottom of my heart, I hope the day in peace will come soon, quiet night and calm morning will come soon. We want to support and be with you in the long term.
Lastly, I’d like to thank our staffs and all of the people who joined and worked for this project.
■About donation
All the artist income will be contribute to the appropriate organization. Recipient will be announced once it has determined.
■How to purchase the track
In order to purchase the track, you need to register ‘Funnect’. Please refer ‘Funnect’ site for more details.
■Track information
Title: by my side
Artist: Yojiro Noda (RADWIMPS)/ Taka (ONE OK ROCK)
■Selectable Price
Please note that any acknowledgment will not be publish.
■Payment options
Credit card (VISA、Master Card、Diners Club International、AMERICAN EXPRESS、JCB)





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