This lipstick costs twice as much as Chanel.


I was in town waiting for another appointment. Nearly barefaced, I looked for a brown lipstick, but the nearest Sephora wasn’t nearby, and I was at Tokyu Hands.

How bad could it be to find a lipstick in Tokyu Hands? Apparently, very difficult.

For anyone who’s into makeup and skincare, one may notice that colors in Japanese cosmetics stay within a pretty safe range. And apparently, the closest thing they have to brown is orange, which isn’t very bright.

So I picked up the most natural brown I could find – a Wasser natural moisture rouge lippie in Orange (OG301).

I also thought, it’s Tokyu Hands. How expensive can a lippie cost?

Guys, this tiny tube – which costs only JPY 3,500 in Japan – is A FREAKIN’ S$69 here. This thing costs more than my Make Up Forever HD Primer.

By then, it was too late to turn back from the counter. I needed a lippie.

I refused to believe that this relatively unknown brand (to me) could cost me almost 2 lipsticks from Chanel or Shu Uemura. So I tried it on immediately after purchase.

I hate to admit, but it rehydrated my lips almost immediately, and it had the most gorgeous, natural shade of shimmery brown that added the right amount of color and depth to my otherwise colorless face.

I paid the price, and walked out looking more put together, with moisturized lips –  and a hole in my heart. T__________T



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