Sakamoto-kun has a problem.

Sakamoto Desu Ga? (坂本ですが?) is a show that I caught on to just last week.


As ridiculous as the show is, I had fun in a cheap thrill sort of way.

The show follows the day in the life of a high school student called Sakamoto. We don’t know his first name, because the creator wouldn’t tell us what it is. Everything he does has a touch of stylishness to it. On top of being a good-looker himself – he has come-hither eyes, a sexy mouth, and a hot bod – everything he does, from classwork to social interactions that makes everyone like him. The girls are natural fangirls, and guys who want to beat him up end up really liking him. He is also what we locals call him an aunty-killer; he will turn older women into cougars.


When you have a face like this, I won’t be surprised if he has girls screaming, “F*** me Sakamoto!” (They do not. But it’s highly possible, right?)

But despite his “cool, cooler, coolest” factor, I think Sakamoto-kun may have something between perfectionism, narcissism, attention seeker, and maybe even a mild schizoid personality disorder.

good morning sakamoto.gif

Everything he does is so exacerbated, from the way he catches chalk erasers, the way he sits, the way he eats, the way he works, the way he strips – it’s mildly erotic and way too over the top.

It’s also the way he talks -politely, yet with more than a hint of aloofness and distance – that makes me wonder how such a person can still be quite anti-social.

You could argue that he goes out of his way to help people and animals, but even when he does, I’d associate him more with “overdramatic” than helpful. His emotions are too hard to read.


He’s totally hiding some deep, dark, secret that no one has uncovered yet. I’d like to venture he must have:

1 – Some history in the past when he was an ugly kid and grew up bullied, until he had an epiphany, and groomed himself to perfection while keeping his walls up. That might also explain the soft spot he has for Kubota-kun, who gets bullied and extorted from in school.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 20.39.25.png

2 – A family who treats him as if he doesn’t exist, and the only way to feel accepted is to be the dramatic person he is now.

3 – A secret fetish he’s hiding. I don’t know what it is, but everything he does feels like a big cover-up for something heretic or shady.

sakamoto hey teacher.jpg

I get that this show’s just a cartoon and not meant to be taken seriously. But you can only laugh at the antics in the first three episodes before you genuinely start to wonder.


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