Adele’s “Hello” (covered by Taka, ONE OK ROCK)

I’m not a huge ONE OK ROCK follower, but there’s no denying the band’s growing influence.

Goose house is the only band I know that does covers really well, albeit Japanese songs. But because Taka’s English proficiency sounds more decent than most, I’m not surprised he would attempt this.

I didn’t think he’d attempt Adele though. I certainly didn’t count on that. And in the same key too.

It’s not the best cover overall, but he did good the moment he hits “Hello from the other siiiiddddeeee”.

Taka has also done another cover, of Zayn’s “PILLLOWTALK“.


3 thoughts on “Adele’s “Hello” (covered by Taka, ONE OK ROCK)

  1. Man, he’s really nailing those high notes – I’m impressed! And I knew this already but now I’m just even more impressed with his English pronunciation as well. This is kind of an aside but my problem with a lot of J-pop/J-rock songs using English lyrics isn’t that I don’t like them, it’s that it often sounds like the singers or bands have absolutely no idea what they’re actually saying. I’ve never had that problem with ONE OK ROCK though.

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  2. I’ve been listening to ONE OK ROCK songs ..and I’ve watched that on youtube.. MAN, he is SUCH AN AMAZING VOICE over there! One of the best vocals that I’ve ever heard.


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