Thanks anime.


I had a two-part review of the shows I picked up from the Fall season.

I was ready to write about the hits, the shows that I thought I’d like but ended up a let-down, and surprises that I didn’t think I’d enjoy but thoroughly did. I was also ready to give my thoughts on YURI!!! on ice  and why, despite its popularity and beautiful and graceful animated sequence, 3gatsu no Lion still tops my list.

But then, upon reflecting on everything that’s gone wrong this year – violence, deaths, societal shake-ups and pockets of major crises in my personal life – I thought it might be best to just write an ode to anime instead.

Because when my family was going through a rough patch, when I had a mini health scare; when had to adjust to a new season in life without friends who were once close and withdrew from a community for a good six months, when I was disgusted and horrified by the civil unrest and the trauma that the children in Aleppo had to go through… 2016 has been bleak, but anime provided a way of escape.

We live in such a fast-paced world now, and everything is competing to make that lasting impression on us. These days, even significant moments in history leave nothing but a bleep in our minds, buried in memory within a few months. Case in point: I clean forgot about the shooting in Orlando until a minute ago.

I can critique and talk about what went right or wrong about every show I picked up, but at the end of the day, they gave me something to look forward to every weekend.

I’m not endorsing anime as a means of escape from reality. But it provided me with much needed temporary relief for the 20 minutes every time a new episode is released. It would make me laugh, cringe, mortify, surprise, tear and think. And then, when I am satiated, I return to my task.

So from the best to the worst and the weird, thank you storytellers for your tales of camaraderie, friendship, betrayal, personal struggles, survival, perseverance and hope. Thanks to the amazing creators and cast and crew for the hours and dedication to put together a 12-episode series every season. I may not have liked everything, but I am thankful nonetheless.

I am so done with this year, and am looking forward to 2017.



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