Business as usual.

Revisiting readers may notice a change in the theme and content layout starting today.

That’s right. I’m in the middle of Konmari-ing my page.

I learned some valuable tips about content management after working on my company’s newsletter for almost a year now. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I’ve come to appreciate the skills more, and I’m glad I can apply them here.

What else is new besides the layout? I’ve shuffled the way content can be accessed on this blog. I’m currently reviewing the category labels on all my posts, and putting them right at the top of the menu bar so that you can better access and read posts that suit your interests without the clutter – also known as the archives.

The posts will be categorized into the following:

Anime – For the new shows I’m watching, and the classic, evergreen ones worthy of weekend marathons.

Music – Because there is talent that needs to be more accessible to a discerning audience.

Culture & Community – Everything from food to fashion and what’s happening on the ground. Basically the heart and soul of a nation.

Travel – Since I travel to Japan so often, I want to make an effort to introduce new places that even I myself have never been to.

Opinion – Personal in-depth thoughts on certain topics and themes. Everyone is open to make their voices heard. The more comments, the better!

Entertainment – For the rare occasion I actually picked up a movie or drama that I actually enjoyed. Or not.

Pursuits – Things that are not quite about Japan, but are still personal experiences and interests nonetheless.

I’ve only managed to work through posts shared over the past year, and I’ve got many more to go. So pardon the occasional glitches along the way!

Got a story or a view to share? A question or request? Or a suggestion that could help improve this blog? Put them in the comments below! 


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