Happy Singles Day 

I have seven minutes to write this before February 14 is officially over.

I spent my evening at a nail salon saving my toes from an in-grown crisis. This was shortly followed by a dinner that comprised of a vegetable tendon that I didn’t have to wait long for and left at least 10 other couples/friends waiting in front of me waiting in the dust.

I ate alone at the counter.

Did I feel lonely throughout the day? Well to some extent I did wish I had someone to bitch talk with. Someone to share my unhealthy obsessions passions and interests and get a different perspective on life. Someone to get miserable grumpy with and we’ll still be okay at the end of the day.

But did I feel lonely while eating my veggie tendon?

Bah, love and romance can wait for one more night. Tonight I gave myself the utmost assurance that my dinner was well deserved.



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