Persona 5 makes me want to buy a PS4.

I’m not a gamer. I own a Nintendo Wii so that I could play Rabbids.

I’ve never had any reason to buy an Xbox 360 or Playstation 4. And for some years now, I’ve been watching other gamers upload their gameplays on Youtube. So it saved me a lot of hassle of buying the game myself, while watching the mistakes that others make. I mean Final Fantasy XV was amazing but it’s too long for me to digest.

But then I saw a video of Persona 5 recently, and I gotta say, I really want a PS4 just to play this game.

This is an awesome match between anime-style action and great gameplay. Let me share why:

Persona 5 hero.png

Wicked graphics. Right from the start, the opening sequence of the game caught my attention. It promised elegance, mystery, and action. I loved the balance between the game graphics and anime cut-scenes.

persona5 conversation.png

Interesting and easy-to-follow plot. It was easy to follow, yet the suspense kept me at the edge of my seat all weekend while I watched the gameplays. The game runs on a time limit, and the player/hero makes decisions along the way that will decide how the day turns out, and affect the outcome of the task. Like Before Dawn, but less scary.

persona5 train.png

Realistic setting. The background settings closely follow those of a typical Japanese city, aka Shibuya. I think this game would allow me to navigate rather easily without feeling like an idiot.

Voice-acting chops. Sure you’ve got the likes of Fukuyama Jun, Miyano Mamoru and Sugita Tomokazu in the original dubs, but the English dubs were also excellent – something rare and deeply appreciated. Bonus: if it’s true, I get to keep the Japanese language with the English subtitles in the game.

I think I could enjoy this for a decent period of time, not only because it’s well-paced, but I feel like I can enjoy the story up to the very end.

The reviews for this game also appears to be very positive. No surprise there, it looked intriguing and fun.

Now I just gotta find a way to play a PS4 game on a Macbook.


3 thoughts on “Persona 5 makes me want to buy a PS4.

  1. Persona 5 looks absolutely phenomenal, but I think 2017 in general has been a pretty strong argument to get a PS4. From NieR to Horizon, there’s so many games to play this year!!

    That said, would you like to share your articles in our FB group? We’re a growing community of gaming bloggers and we’re always looking for more writers to share their work and discuss all things gaming. Just search for “Game Bloggers United” on Facebook.


    1. Hey Paul! (Is it Paul?)

      Thanks for the comment! I do agree the games this year have been really interesting.

      Truth be told I’m still a novice. My “gaming” experience has just been limited to watching gameplays wishing I could get my hands on them. So I’m no expert; just writing honest responses. 🙂

      That being said I’d love to visit the FB group page and will be sure to be in touch if there’s anything I can contribute!

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