The journey to a PS4 (Part 1)

So I made a discovery this week: I am more easily influenced and won over than I think.

After some consideration (and other external factors) I have decided to get a Sony Playstation 4. All because of one game (thank you Persona 5).

After watching gameplays, reading reviews, and imagining possibilities of the longevity of the game and the console, I have decided to take the plunge.

However I am also acutely aware of how ignorant I am of the gaming world. Watching gameplays on Youtube were just cheap thrill.

And getting the PS4 was more complicated than I imagined too:

  1. I thought I could connect a PS4 to a MacBook using RemotePlay. Apparently I still need to hook the console to a monitor that has an HDMI input. Which means I need a monitor screen.
  2. I did not realise that PS4 had storage capacities. Much like iPhones. I could get the 500GB for $449, or pay an extra $50 for 1TB. Since I do not foresee myself as an avid gamer, I think the 500GB will suffice.
  3. The games are not cheap. The limited edition P5 game with the steelbox costs almost $90.
  4. Coming back to monitors – do I get a regular monitor screen or a TV? If I want to save space, then a regular monitor screen would suffice. It’s just a screen, yet I was confronted with a plethora of options (4K, curved, LCD vs LED, frame rate, 23 vs 27 inches…). So now I have to decide how much I want to spend on monitor screens too. But given that I will be playing in my room, a 23-inch LED screen should be just fine.

In short, if I kept my budget for the monitor screen to $200, I’d be forking out almost $750 for everything. This is more expensive than a round-trip flight to Tokyo, with one night at an Airbnb.

But still:

ps4 and p5.jpg

If anyone has any thoughts about the PS4 – should I get it new or second-hand – or tips about using the PS4, or making the most out of a gaming experience, please share in the comments box below.

The journey and research continues…

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