The journey to a PS4 (Part 2)

My journey concluded two days ago, and on a good, successful note.

After my last post about the initial research, I spent the next two days deciding what monitor to get, and I learnt more about monitor screens than I thought I needed to know.

Milestone One: during my monitor research, I went back to the gaming store that sold the steelbox edition of Persona 5 (for PS4), and bought that first. That’s right, I bought the game before getting everything else I needed to play it. It was my way of committing to getting the console, whenever that happened.

Milestone Two: after spending two days looking around and talking to a colleague on her gaming experience (she actually advised a curved TV with 4K resolution), I ended up with a 24-inch Samsung CFG70 curved gaming monitor. I concluded that getting a gaming monitor made more sense than a regular LED screen if displaying gaming graphics was going to cause the most intensive and heavy performance. For a smaller screen, I didn’t think 4K was necessary; the full HD worked perfectly well. And as a bonus, I found it at a store that sold it at a 10% discount, with a $50 grocery store voucher on top of that.

The downside during the set-up was that i didn’t anticipate how bulky the base and the stand was. I had to remove the makeshift Ikea shelf on my desk to make way for this thing. A slight inconvenience at most; at least I got to do some slight Konmari-ing on my table and throw out what I didn’t need (two empty wine bottles from a Sydney trip three years ago and a vase of fake flowers that was collecting dust and maybe more. Yuck.).

Milestone Three: I went back to the same store where I bought Persona 5 to get the PS4 slim in galactic white.

Before anyone thinks this was a rash decision, let me explain why I jumped on this one.

The console with 1TB storage space was selling at S$499 at most stores (including Sony itself), with an offer to sell a second controller at 50% discount. The up-side of buying from Sony was that I could pay for the console in interest-free installments, as long as I paid for the items within a single receipt. If I had bought the console and second controller at Sony, I would have to pay about S$530 over six months.

The store I eventually bought my console from sold the console at S$449 — S$50 cheaper. And even if I had bought a second controller at full price (S$68), it would be $10 cheaper than if I had bought it at Sony directly.

It’s a small difference, but in the end I didn’t need to get a second controller – with Persona 5 being a single player JRPG, there was no necessity yet.

Sure I had to pay full price, but nonetheless it’s a small inconvenience to pay for. I may not be able to shop for a while or dine out at places with nice food, but after unintentionally spending five hours on Persona 5 this afternoon, I think I can get away with it.

I have officially crossed over to the dark, sweaty side of gaming. In my next post, I’ll write about my observations about the world of Persona 5.


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