I became a gamer, and maybe something else.

I’ve been playing Persona 5 every day since I bought the PS4.

I finished the game in exactly three weeks, and restarted the game.

I’ve been playing this for at least two hours every day since Day 1, and I’ve noticed and done the following:

  • I forgot to sleep.
  • I got so engrossed in the game I want nothing more than to keep playing.
  • I was broke for the month, but this game kept my interest long enough to forget spending my money.
  • I bought the complete guide to the game. In Japanese.
  • I wrote a list of why I loved Persona 5 so much. It was practically a borderline obsession with the game.
  • I wondered what I was going to play after I finished the game.
  • It made me realise how easy it was to forget anime.

I was wondering how to write about my experience with Persona 5. Everyone is talking about the storyline, graphics and gaming experience. I wondered what I could write about.

The world of Persona 5 is interesting for sure. Who would have thought of a dungeon run in someone’s cognition? It certainly put a new spin to the meaning behind “steal your heart”.

If I had an option, I would love a sequel called “Persona 5: Hometown”. The adventure continues with new friends and people with blood oaths in his hometown where he was sent away from.

Funny enough, the game roused my interest in neuroscience. I recently borrowed “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. It’s not quite the same world that Persona 5 depicts, but I had a better understanding of why I make the decisions I make, what makes one task easy to act on, while others need more time and concentration. I recommend it.

The game also reminded me of “Summer Wars”, which I thought was similar because of the fact that the heroes are fighting to win a battle that’s not quite real life and yet leaves significant remifications in reality. I recently watched the movie again and it reminded me why I still think it’s one of the greatest animated films ever made.

Sorry if this post is a litle random and listless. I just don’t quite have a focus yet. But that’s how Persona 5 was to me. It had so many things that if I took time to focus on every thing that piqued my interest, I’ll never finish. And every thing reminded me of something else that I start to go derail into another world altogether.

Someone explain this weird brain of mine please!


One thought on “I became a gamer, and maybe something else.

  1. I usually bounce off long games, but Persona 5 kept my interest from start to finish. Replaying the game on New Game Plus is tempting, as it would permit me to check out the content I missed.


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