Welcome to Nipponification.

While my primary content will be driven by anime and music, I will occasionally post news stories and opinions on various themes and topics that are related to Japan.

I have not lived in Japan, so I know my views are limited and confined. Ironically my first trip to Tokyo was after 3-11, in November. It was a short five-day trip, but it was enough to reinforce a long-held passion and interest towards this country. Since then, I’ve made it my goal to return at least once a year.

If you are like me – someone who deeply loves anime and music and culture, but doesn’t quite fit in within the otaku circle – then I hope you will indulge me here. Not everyone is a cute tsundere girl with big eyes, short skirts and a nasal pitch. Encourage me with comments, feedback, or Likes – whichever works for you – so that I know that what I’m writing makes sense.

I’ve thought long and hard about whether to publish my blog anonymously, or just lay it out there on my real identity. I chose YYarizakura because it had a nice ring to it. But while hiding behind a ghost name has taken the pressure off to be accountable to my work, it’s also precisely because I want to be accountable for what I’m writing that I’ve decided to give full disclosure.

I am not a Japanese, nor am I American. My name is Heather, and I am a Singaporean with a full-time job. And I will continue to write as YYarizakura – because that name has stuck with me, and also because it’s a hassle to change it.

Makoto ni yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu.


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