SOS at the writer’s desk.

What do you do with a prolonged absence from writing what you love most? I haven’t stopped writing in the time I’ve been gone. All that energy — planning, conceptualizing, writing, spell-checking, editing, re-writing, re-writing, rewriting — completely went into my work for the company’s regional newsletter. Lately I’ve found my writing style getting dry. Despite attending a writing workshop last August in hopes of … Continue reading SOS at the writer’s desk.

I became a gamer, and maybe something else.

I’ve been playing Persona 5 every day since I bought the PS4. I finished the game in exactly three weeks, and restarted the game. I’ve been playing this for at least two hours every day since Day 1, and I’ve noticed and done the following: I forgot to sleep. I got so engrossed in the game I want nothing more than to keep playing. I … Continue reading I became a gamer, and maybe something else.

The journey to a PS4 (Part 2)

My journey concluded two days ago, and on a good, successful note. After my last post about the initial research, I spent the next two days deciding what monitor to get, and I learnt more about monitor screens than I thought I needed to know. Milestone One: during my monitor research, I went back to the gaming store that sold the steelbox edition of Persona 5 (for … Continue reading The journey to a PS4 (Part 2)

Yuri!!! on Ice – the big yawn

Frankly I don’t where to start. There’s no dispute that Yuri!!! on Ice was spectacular in many ways. Its animation sequence is next to flawless, the BGM and theme songs uplifting. Accuracy in its resemblance to competitive figure skating, yup. I understand the plot. Katsuki Yuri is down, depressed, lost and needs someone to help him get back up on his feet. He meets his idol, Viktor … Continue reading Yuri!!! on Ice – the big yawn