I became a gamer, and maybe something else.

I’ve been playing Persona 5 every day since I bought the PS4. I finished the game in exactly three weeks, and restarted the game. I’ve been playing this for at least two hours every day since Day 1, and I’ve noticed and done the following: I forgot to sleep. I got so engrossed in the game I want nothing more than to keep playing. I … Continue reading I became a gamer, and maybe something else.

The journey to a PS4 (Part 2)

My journey concluded two days ago, and on a good, successful note. After my last post about the initial research, I spent the next two days deciding what monitor to get, and I learnt more about monitor screens than I thought I needed to know. Milestone One: during my monitor research, I went back to the gaming store that sold the steelbox edition of Persona 5 (for … Continue reading The journey to a PS4 (Part 2)

Most amazing Mumei fanart yet

  STOP THE PRESS RIGHT NOW. Because while Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a show that anyone looking for good storytelling with gorgeous art direction should watch, the fanart by illustrators like WLOP is taking character design to a whole new level. The original art by this amazing Hong Kong-based artist is available on Deviant Art. He/she is also producing a webcomic called Ghostblade that’s been in production … Continue reading Most amazing Mumei fanart yet