The journey to a PS4 (Part 2)

My journey concluded two days ago, and on a good, successful note. After my last post about the initial research, I spent the next two days deciding what monitor to get, and I learnt more about monitor screens than I thought I needed to know. Milestone One: during my monitor research, I went back to the gaming store that sold the steelbox edition of Persona 5 (for … Continue reading The journey to a PS4 (Part 2)

The journey to a PS4 (Part 1)

So I made a discovery this week: I am more easily influenced and won over than I think. After some consideration (and other external factors) I have decided to get a Sony Playstation 4. All because of one game (thank you Persona 5). After watching gameplays, reading reviews, and imagining possibilities of the longevity of the game and the console, I have decided to take … Continue reading The journey to a PS4 (Part 1)

Most amazing Mumei fanart yet

  STOP THE PRESS RIGHT NOW. Because while Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a show that anyone looking for good storytelling with gorgeous art direction should watch, the fanart by illustrators like WLOP is taking character design to a whole new level. The original art by this amazing Hong Kong-based artist is available on Deviant Art. He/she is also producing a webcomic called Ghostblade that’s been in production … Continue reading Most amazing Mumei fanart yet