Defying gravity: What I learned from aerial pilates

OK, so this is not related to anything Japanese, but it’s something that I’ve thought about sharing since I started it.

Because you know, fitness and taking care of yourself.

I’ve done pilates before, but just the regular ones on the mat. You follow the instructor in twisting and concorting your body into poses that a regular person wouldn’t do, and you’re supposed to feel all refreshed and energised at the end of the hour.

Not me. I had rashes from poorly cleaned mats. And I felt no different from when I started. It did correct my posture and elongated my spine, though. But I went back to full on cardio (running, cross-training, rowing, etc) at the gym since those are far more accessible and hassle free than booking classes and competing with other gym members for slots.

But then I switched gyms, and running got very boring after a while. I hadn’t done pilates in a while, and since aerial pilates is becoming a new thing for workouts, I decided to give it a try.  Continue reading “Defying gravity: What I learned from aerial pilates”

This lipstick costs twice as much as Chanel.

I was in town waiting for another appointment. Nearly barefaced, I looked for a brown lipstick, but the nearest Sephora wasn’t nearby, and I was at Tokyu Hands. How bad could it be to find a lipstick in Tokyu Hands? Apparently, very difficult. For anyone who’s into makeup and skincare, one may notice that colors in Japanese cosmetics stay within a pretty safe range. And … Continue reading This lipstick costs twice as much as Chanel.