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30-day anime challenge #8: Favorite anime couple

Taking the liberty to share some fictional relationships that stood out to me the most.

yato x hiyori

Hiyori may not be a favorite among Noragami followers, but without her, the series may not have progressed to where it is now, seeing that she’s a catalyst practically all the arcs. And I’ve personally enjoyed watching her relationship with Yato progress.

Though honestly, this would be my favourite scene in the entire series:

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30-day anime challenge #7: Your anime crush

I’m not gonna lie about the fictional characters I’ve had crushes on for as long as I can remember. But as with all fictional characters, they have retired with the alternative worlds that I set them in, with infinity happier endings than the fates their creators subjected them to. Or at the very least, give them a kind of closure I think they’d be happy … Continue reading 30-day anime challenge #7: Your anime crush

[pause] Adam and Dog (2013)

Taking a quick breather from the blog challenge, I wanted to share this video that I just came across. Granted it’s just two years old, it’s not anime, and it’s probably pretty well-known because it was nominated for an Oscar. But this is probably one of the most gorgeous and heartfelt short animated films I’ve seen in a while that is not made by Pixar. … Continue reading [pause] Adam and Dog (2013)

30-day anime challenge #6: Anime you want to see but haven’t yet

This topic came at a perfect time, because I watched One Punch Man for the first time tonight. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if this was another typical shounen-type of series. It reeks of Dragonball Z everywhere. But then I sat in for the session with Makoto Furukawa at the Anime Festival Asia, and I was intrigued. I see why now. I’m already on to episode 4, and I … Continue reading 30-day anime challenge #6: Anime you want to see but haven’t yet

30-day anime challenge #4: Favorite female anime character ever

Women in anime are predominantly (and unfortunately) measured by one word: oppai (boobs). Or if not, moe. This could be a very biased view on my part, but after observing the latest Anime Festival Asia last weekend, I am convinced that there is nothing more teenage boys and grown single men are after, other than sword and gunfights and mecha-techs.

Predictably, I’ve gone out of my way to avoid such characters who never stick or made any lasting impression. But these women do.

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30-day anime challenge #3: Favorite male anime character ever


So I just realized that the various topics for this 30-day anime challenge is no different from the first 30-days-to-one anime challenge I did at the beginning of the year. My bad.

But at least keeping this discipline of blogging daily will show me how much my tastes have changed! If they’ve changed at all…

It’s not hard to find a male character in anime that you wouldn’t have an initial crush on. And more often than not, they have several predictable traits: has a way with the ladies. Or he may not. Will fight for the girl he likes. Will be unusually patient with girl. Acts cool. Has a sense of righteousness. Or not. Could be very nonchalant and distant. But girl will always feel a connection with him. Has an air of mystery about him. Somehow always comes out at one of the winners.

So I have a range of characters which I hope will present the diversity of personalities that make these guys more believable to me than most.

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30-day anime challenge #2: Favorite anime you’ve watched so far

haikyuu oniku banzai

I don’t have an ultimate favorite. There’ve been so many shows that I enjoyed during various seasons in my life. At some point, it was Rurouni Kenshin or Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Cowboy Bebop, and Samurai Champloo. Two years ago it was Attack on Titan and Psycho-Pass. Last year it was NoragamiHaikyuu!! and Knights of Sidonia.

I’ve been introduced to Fate/Stay and Kuroko no Basket, but they weren’t outstanding. I’ve also dropped shows halfway: Knights of Sidonia: Battle of Planet 9Fate/Stay Night (Season 2), and Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace. Tokyo Ghoul was amazing, but Tokyo Ghoul √A was a bit underwhelming, though I managed to finish it.

So considering how good this fall season’s lineup has been for me, I’m going to list these as my top favorites:

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