[pause] Adam and Dog (2013)

Taking a quick breather from the blog challenge, I wanted to share this video that I just came across. Granted it’s just two years old, it’s not anime, and it’s probably pretty well-known because it was nominated for an Oscar. But this is probably one of the most gorgeous and heartfelt short animated films I’ve seen in a while that is not made by Pixar. … Continue reading [pause] Adam and Dog (2013)

Nowisee : a multi-platform social media storytelling project

Who doesn’t like a good story? And who wouldn’t like a story told well?

I’m always amazed at storytellers, whether through books, plays, screens, or even audio. It’s an art that I will always appreciate.
I’ve been into social media storytelling of late. Not the kind that you read of someone else’s life in your News Feed, but using the platform to tell an actual story and painting a picture that is relevant and updated, while retaining what is classic. I remember when the Royal Shakespeare Company embarked juliet-capuleton a Twitter version of Romeo & Juliet in 2010. The actors and actresses created their own (fictional) Twitter account, and “live-tweeted” the play as the characters over several weeks, as if an actual budding tragic romance was developing in real time. Twitter users all over the world would follow these accounts, and while not all tweets get a reply, it was still engaging enough to keep me hooked until the couple “died”.

So when a new cross-content project from Japan was released earlier this month, naturally I got excited. The project is called “Nowisee” (pronounced as “noise”. It’s not literally “Now I see”. Although who knows, this could be where the content developers want to head towards).

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Miso can tug at your heartstrings in 90 seconds.

A fresh graduate finds a job in the city and lives by himself for the first time. Adjusting to his new season takes a while, being sustained by shadows of his mother who encourages him during mealtimes. A father has problems communicating with his high school daughter, and conversations are almost nonexistent. That is, until the daughter finds out that the onigiri and miso soup laid out … Continue reading Miso can tug at your heartstrings in 90 seconds.

New Evangelion video: “Until You Come to Me”

On December 19, a new Evangelion-themed video “Until You Come to Me” was released by Studio Khara (スタジオカラー) and Dwango (ドワンゴー) as part of its “Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition” (日本アニメ(タ)見本市) series of short films. These videos are original animation projects comprising of short films, spin-offs, and music videos, amongst others, to celebrate the freedom of expression, creativity, versatility, and talent through different genres. “Until You Come to Me: … Continue reading New Evangelion video: “Until You Come to Me”