[Coming Soon] EXILE ATSUSHI + AI “Be Brave” Sep 9

When I first embarked on my career as a fresh graduate, EXILE ATSUSHI and AI were one of the few artists I listened to on a regular basis. So it was great when they first got together to sing a duet called “So Special” in 2008. I don’t listen to their music all the time, but when I do, it’s like a soothing balm that … Continue reading [Coming Soon] EXILE ATSUSHI + AI “Be Brave” Sep 9

Young Juvenile Youth – Animation EP


Finding Japanese artists in the electronica genre is like finding a pearl in an oyster that got mixed up with other pearl-less oysters.

So when I come across such a rare find, the satisfaction cannot be expressed by words alone. It feels like I’ve got my hands on a real gem.

Young Juvenile Youth is a fresh face and a breath of fresh air, and has the sort of elusiveness that drives me nuts. Beyond the first two EPs it release on vinyl in 2014, nothing is known about this group. YJY is fronted by Yuki, who is clearly bilingual in Japanese and English, and writes all the songs as well as designed her first EP covers. Then there is Jemapur who composes and produces the tracks.

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Business Japanese makes you feel stupid.

The various ways to answer the phone. Maybe I'll just forget to take any calls.
The various ways to answer the phone. Maybe I’ll just forget to take any calls.

I’ve been learning Japanese for almost 8 years now, and even now, I feel stupid when I try to answer a call in the office.

So early last month, I decided it was time for me to go back to class after a year of complacency. If I’m still failing the proficiency exams – twice – then why am I paying someone to help me fail?

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“Stop bragging. Your Japanese still sucks.”

It’s always fun to know at least something when picking up a new language. I may not be a Malay, but I know how to say “Good morning” (Selamat Pagi), “Thank you” (Terima Kasih), “I don’t know” (Saya Tak Tahu), and count to five. This has helped me to at least start a connection with the other person whether they know English or not (but where I’m … Continue reading “Stop bragging. Your Japanese still sucks.”